• Crochet African Violet Flower

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    Violets are delicate flowers. They see to be happy all the time and bloom in colors that are just so feminine and flirty! The African violets designed by lovely Rainbow Junkie look so real, you have to look twice to realize that’s actually only crochet and not nature.

    Here is how I made my African Violets. The great thing about this is that we don’t need to be perfect. We are trying to copy nature and nature is never perfect.

    When I follow someone else’s pattern I often adapt it to my preferred way of working, so feel free to adapt this to suit yourself and the sort of African violet display you wish to create.


    african flowersImage source: flickr.

    So what do you think? Will you make your crochet African Flowers?

    Thanks to Rainbow Junkie for featured image and inspiration.

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    1. My mother-in-law loved African Violets. So she showed me how to take care of them. But I can not ever get them to grow flowers. Lol. I had one for like 6 years and the only flowers it ever had were the ones on it when I got it. So crocheting some would be great.

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