[Free Pattern] Comfy And Cute Mommy – Daughter Matching Slippers

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If you're still on the lookout for cute slipper patterns to try, you'll love this pattern. These Mommy – Daughter Matching Slippers are such a great baby shower gift and not only! You can warm someone’s heart and feet with a lovely pair of crochet slippers. I know a few women that always have cold feet, no matter how warm the weather and I'm sure you know a few too. So why not try this lovely slippers pattern to make a thoughtful gift? Oh… and you can always add flowers and pearl button in the center of the flowers to make it prettier!


[Free Pattern] Comfy And Cute Mommy – Daughter Matching SlippersImage source: Diana

Thanks to Diana for the article inspiration and featured image.

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67 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Comfy And Cute Mommy – Daughter Matching Slippers”

  1. Thanks for the new link. My daughter is having our 6th grandchild in early Dec. She’s the first in 9 yrs. We thought we were finished with having more grandkids but it’s a Wonderful surprise for ALL of us

  2. I really like this pattern for the Mommy slipper. Put an inner sole in it (or an orthotic-type of insole) and paint the outer soles with non-skid rug adhesive. Let dry for 48 hours, recoat, let dry for another 48 hours and you will have non-slip slippers for holiday gifts!

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