[Paid Pattern] Adorable Seahorse Coaster For The Very Confident Beginner

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What a wonderful pattern! This Seahorse Coaster by A.D. Whited is easy and fun to make and adorable to see on your table. These cute crochet seahorse coasters are going to be loved and admired by both kids and adults in your house. Have  some friends that may need some? They make  awesome gifts, too! Who wouldn't like such an unique set of crochet coasters?

Crochet these enchanting Seahorse coasters for your tables with my complete and easy to follow instructions! Finished coaster measures approximately 10 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches at its widest points. Pattern comes with complete assembly instructions including photos to help you along.

Seahorse Coaster
Image source: A.D. Whited

Thanks to A.D. Whited for this article inspiration and featured image.

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94 thoughts on “[Paid Pattern] Adorable Seahorse Coaster For The Very Confident Beginner”

  1. Donna those sea houses are very cute I have always wanted a life sea house they are neat are you selling them and please let me know how much for six the same color would you hon and I would like to come see you so let me know where you live now cause me and my guy stopped awhile back to see you and found out you had moved so get your address so I can still see you and I have been to see your mom many times I love her a lot well we won’t say all but I miss her bad and hope to see you soon bye hon

  2. does anyone have the saved pattern instruction for the seahorse coasters? There is no place to click for the pattern to download. I have clicked on the pattern name and nothing comes up.

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