• [Video Tutorial] Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

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    Stylish and elegant, this easy, beginner friendly crochet cardigan sweater is simply gorgeous. Casual yet classy, this Elegant Crochet Cardigan/Sweater designed and brought to you by Lenysea is easy to crochet and to customize for your fit. The stitches look complicated but are simple and easy to do so don’t get intimidated. This cardigan with a fabulous design is really nice for summer nights, spring nights and in between the season. This outfit piece is really versatile. Style it with a belt or wear it simple, just as it is to get the desired look and image.


    Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

    Learn how to crochet this elegant crochet cardigan sweater! The stitches you’ll need to know are chain, double crochet and single crochet. All sizes!

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    [Video Tutorial] Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

    Watch the video tutorial bellow, courtesy of Lenysea to learn how to crochet this Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

    Thanks to Lenysea for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    7 Comments to [Video Tutorial] Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

    1. Oh thank you for sharing this pattern. have been looking high and low for a pretty, yet easy cardigan pattern that doesn’t use a ton of yarn. Even though I will be making a larger size with long sleeves. I know that I will not be using as much yarn as other patterns call for.

    2. Hello,… i was wondering how you got half of the pattern stitches to be 40 for the front panels? don’t you use half of the initial stitches, which in this case would be half of 75 and NOT half of eighty… you only got eighty because of the added 6 at the end? I don’t want to get started and have to take it apart. Confused

    3. Helen Winslow

      Why can I not find the pattern. Must I keep starting and stopping the video to write the

      • Very pretty but would like just the pattern . Hope I don’t have to start and stop the video all the time to nerve racking.

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