Most Adorable Crochet Unicorn Baby Blanket Pattern

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What an adorable crochet unicorn baby blanket pattern! Unicorn Dreams Blanket by Lisa Hooper is made of 49 different squares all super cute and super colorful. You can choose to make a similar blanket or to choose just a few squares and make a unique blanket for your baby.

All the different squares are joined together with a quick and easy join that really complements the blanket using the continuous flat braid join method. The pattern uses a white shell border that resembles clouds and is also super cute and works great with the whole blanket.


Crochet Unicorn Baby Blanket Pattern

For this blanket I used Stylecraft special DK yarn in the following colours:

Candyfloss, Apricot, Lemon, Spring green, Sherbet, Clematis, Wisteria, White with a small amount of black for the facial features.

I used 4 balls of white wool. Just over a ball of candyfloss and apricot. I used between half and three quarters of a ball of the remaining colours. The blanket weighed 970g altogether.

I used a 3mm and 4mm hook.

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Most Adorable Crochet Unicorn Baby Blanket Pattern
Via Cute Crochet Makes

Get the Crochet Unicorn Baby Blanket Pattern via Cute Crochet Makes.

Thanks to Lisa Hooper for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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