Beautiful Crochet Triangle Doily

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Small crochet doilies like this crochet triangle doily, are beautiful decoration items you can use to highlight certain areas in your home. With a bit of color and some crochet skills -including knowing how to crochet these special stitches: FPtr cluster, FPdc decrease, small picot, picot, and large picot) you can use this pattern to make delightful triangle-shaped doilies for garlands, to use as coasters, or to make meaningful gifts. Wispweave Triangle by Julia Hart is a must-try pattern for all those who want to experience the joy of doily making.


Crochet Triangle Doily Free Pattern

This pattern has 12 rounds and measures 5″ from the corners.
Pattern is written using U.S. Terminology.

size 10 thread in 2 colors-
color 1-20-30 yards
color 2- 5 yards
1.75 mm hook
yarn needle

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Beautiful Crochet Triangle Doily
This image courtesy of Draiguna.

Get the pattern: Crochet Triangle Doily Free Pattern via Draiguna.

Thanks to Julia Hart for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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