• Crochet Thigh High Socks Patterns-10 Beautiful Patterns

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    Crochet thigh high socks patterns are a great way to enjoy crochet all year round.

    Looking for a new, free pattern to crochet?

    Crochet Thigh High Socks Patterns

    Crochet is not only great as an impressive hobby but also perfect if you need some comfortable footwear!

    This fall season I am all about wearing my OTK (over-the-knee) Socks around the house or even outside when it gets cold enough.

    However, many times those cute pairs at stores are just too expensive – so that's where this fun project comes in handy!

    If you're looking for something simple yet trendy then here are some crochet patterns ideas to make using your favorite colors and yarns style.

    They will help you crochet your own pair of stylish and cozy crochet socks or leg warmers!

    Looking for inspirations for crochet knee socks for beginners? We got you covered as well!

    Most of these crochet patterns use simple beginner-friendly crochet stitches like the single crochet stitch which means they are all mostly easy to crochet.

    Some of these free patterns may be used as an advanced pattern or could even be crocheted for crochet socks beginners.

    Keep reading down to learn more about this collection of free crochet patterns.

    Free Crochet Knee High Socks Patterns

    Crochet Thigh High Socks Patterns-10 Beautiful Patterns

    Make these cozy over the knee socks and wear them with your favorite pair of boots. Here's how:

    Knee-high boot socks pattern

    These crochet boot socks are very easy to make and would be a great gift for that special someone in your life.

    You can use any color of the rainbow, but a black is always a good option!

    It won't matter what yarn you choose as long as it has some stretch to it since these crochet knee-high boots will need to fit nice and snug on your feet or ankles.

    Valerie's Knee High Socks

    This pattern is a great pattern for those who have been crocheting socks but want to try something new. These knee-high socks with a unique texture, are a great way to add some flair and color to your outfit.

    You do not need any fancy yarns or stitches with this Knee High Socks Pattern.

    It's basic enough (it only uses ch, ss, and dc crochet stitches )that it can be used as a foundation for your future crocheted socks.

    It's written for Women’s US Shoe Size 5/6 (7/8, 9/10, 11/12)

    These Knee high socks can be worn with boots, sneakers, flats or sandals.

    Free Crochet Knee High Socks Pattern

    These socks are worked from the top down.

    They will fit a 6-9 American Woman’s Shoe Size foot with some wiggle room for toes and ankles.

    If you like your Knee High Socks to be more form-fitting then go down half a number or even one full number on the hook!

    Crochet Knee-High Boot Socks Pattern

    These socks are designed to be pulled over trousers and boots, with the cuff folded up. The pattern gives three sizes for adult socks and how to make adjustments to fit your boots.

    Lacy Over The Knee Socks

    Get your hands on these romantic lacy over the knee socks, which are super easy to crochet and come with a free pattern for you to follow along.

    Lacy socks are in style this year, you can find them everywhere. You don't have to pay big bucks for a pair because you have here an adorable pattern.

    Lacy Knee Long Crochet Wedding Socks Pattern

    With a delicate lace pattern and your toes peeping through the crochet stitches, you'll be walking on air.

    Pamper yourself with these lovely lacy knee-long socks designed in perfect style for weddings or even casual wear.

    This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step written tutorial that will guide you throughout the process of crocheting this beautiful pair of Fary Ista Knee High Socks at home. It's also suitable for beginners who are trying their hands in crocheting techniques but don't want to take much effort as it's very simple, quick & fun!

    Fair Isle Knee High Socks Pattern

    These knee high socks are made using the Fair Isle crochet stitch! They have mini hearts on them and they're so warm and fashionable. These fun and incredibly warm socks can be made in all sorts of color combinations so use your imagination and go wild with it!

    Lace Knee-High Socks Pattern

    Adorable crochet socks with a lace pattern to give your feet an airy and cozy feel.

    Crocheted Knee Socks Pattern Vintage Style

    Made with a stronger yarn, these knee socks are perfect for running errands or going on long walks. this durable yarn will last throughout many wears and washes.

    Kids Slipper Socks

    Now your little ones can enjoy cozy, soft warm feet with these super fun crochet slipper socks. These are an easy crochet pattern worked up with single crochets plus some ribbing for added interest and comfort. Have them pick their favorite shade of Red Heart Super Saver Ombre yarn to decorate the final product!

    Tips for Crocheting Thigh High Socks

    Another thing to consider is the yarn you'll need for these sock patterns. The patterns below make use of different types of yarn( chunky, cotton, and worsted weight yarn), so double-check the pattern to see what yarn you'll require.

    What kind of crochet needle do you use for socks?

    The two most common kinds of needles used are double-pointed needles and a long circular needle with 2 endpoints.

    Crochet Thigh High Socks Patterns-10 Beautiful Patterns

    More Free Crochet Patterns:

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