• Curious Cat Free Crochet Pattern

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    This lovely-looking cat free crochet pattern looks so much like a real cat! The design is amazing and the cuteness is real. Elon Stargazer cat free crochet pattern by Payton Sage is truly romantic at heart, he loves gazing at the stars. This little very curious cat is wire-free and child-friendly, so it makes the perfect gift for any cat person.


    Cat Free Crochet Pattern

    Red Heart Comfort Yarn (silver) and small amount of black
    safety eyes
    3mm crochet hook

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    Get the free crochet pattern: Cat Free Crochet Pattern via Payton Sage.

    Thanks to Payton Sage for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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    6 Comments to Curious Cat Free Crochet Pattern

    1. The count is not adding up on the feet. It goes from 18 stitches in row 4 to 22 stitches in row 5 with no increase specified.


      I am having the hardest time attaching the front legs, do you have a video of this process?

    3. LindaStephens

      There is no row 6 and after row 13 the next row is 19 with the head pattern. Is us just sc around?

      • dailycrochet

        Hi Vickie, below the picture where it says: Get the free crochet pattern: Cat Free Crochet Pattern (LINK), please click the link to get to the pattern’s page. <3