• [Free Patterns] 10 Quick And Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners

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    If you are a beginner and looking for a simple pattern to start with, you may get really overwhelmed with so many options. How to find an easy project that you can actually start with? Everything seems complicated when you know nothing.
    If you've been looking for some easy-to-make crochet patterns you can start right here. In this great selection for beginners I found on DIY Crafts, many of the patterns can be made in just a few hours. Below are 10 quick and easy crochet patterns for beginners I picked for you from that list.

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    1. Crocheted Monsters

    I think they're a pretty good beginner project because it teaches how to start crochet in the round, how to single crochet, how to increase, and basic construction and customization of amigurumi.  Let's begin, shall we?
    Source – CraftyiscoolCrocheted Monsters - 30 Super Easy Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Beginners
    Image Source– Craftyiscool

    2. Crochet Roses

    Making crochet roses is actually pretty easy and they look beautiful when they are finished. Make a few of them in different colors and once you get the hang of it, you can begin expanding and adding them to other projects.
    Source – Heidibearscreative

    Crochet Rose 16

    Image source: Heidibearscreative


    3.Unisex Slipper Socks

    These slipper socks are great for keeping your feet warm and they are really simple to crochet. The pattern size is perfect for men and women or children.
    Source – Knitting-crochet

    Unisex Slipper Socks

    Image source: Knitting-crochet

    4. Basket Weave Crochet Afghan

    Believe it or not, you can crochet an afghan for your first project. Depending on the pattern that you use, most afghans are much easier to crochet than they look.
    Source – Favecrafts

    Basket Weave Crochet Afghan

    Image source: Favecrafts


    5. Beginner’s Bib – Knit or Crochet

    This easy baby bib can be knitted or crocheted, whichever you prefer. You just have to click on the appropriate pattern and it tells you exactly how to create the bib.
    Source – Smoothfoxlover

    Beginner’s Bib – Knit or Crochet

    Image source:  Smoothfoxlover

    6. Crochet Posy Scarf

    This beautiful scarf can easily be crocheted by beginners. You can begin with any base color you want and then do the posies in various colors as well.
    Source – Favecrafts

    Crochet Posy Scarf

    Image source: Favecrafts

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    7. Easy Crocheted Doilies

    You can actually use this pattern to create beautiful crocheted doilies or make several of them and put them together to form a blanket or pillow.
    Source – Smoothfoxlover

    Easy Crocheted Doilies

    Image source: Smoothfoxlover

    8.Crochet Chemo Cap

    These caps are beautiful and very meaningful. They are called chemo caps and are very easy to crochet, even for those who have never held a crochet needle in their life.
    Source – Favecrafts

    Crochet Chemo Cap

    Image source: Favecrafts


    9. Slouchy Beanie

    Slouchy beanies are so in right now and this pattern is so easy to follow that you may want to make a great stylish beanie for everyone in your family.
    Source – Jennlikesyarn

     Slouchy Beanie

    Image source: Jennlikesyarn

    10. Crocheted Baby Headbands

    This is a great gift for new moms and you can experiment with different stitches as you grow more comfortable and add decorations.
    Source – Mymerrymessylife

    Crocheted Baby Headbands

    Image source: Mymerrymessylife

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    1. Carol Harper

      Where is the free pattern for the green/gray slouch purse that is on pinterest? It is very hard to find. If you could email it to me that would be great!