Adorable Crochet Sea Turtle Applique Pattern

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Sea turtles are the coolest and most adorable surfers in the sea! Agree? That's exactly the impression these tiny crochet sea turtle applique pattern creates! Sea Turtles Crochet Pattern courtesy of Free Crochet Patterns creates a sense of innocence and friendliness. With a delightful design and colors this crochet applique will bring joy and happiness to anyone watching it.


Crochet Sea Turtle Applique Pattern

Medium (size 4) yarn in several colours
Hook 4 mm
Thread an needle

Adorable Crochet Sea Turtle Applique Pattern
Free Crochet Patterns

Check out the original source for the Crochet Sea Turtle Applique Pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Free Crochet Patterns

Thanks to Free Crochet Patterns for the article inspiration and featured image.

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18 thoughts on “Adorable Crochet Sea Turtle Applique Pattern”

    1. Tammy L Mccracken

      I can’t find how to make a sea turtle for a blanket do you know how by chance

  1. Is there a correct pattern for the turtle I went off on my own and I think I am pretty close but kinda frustrating I am trying to follow pattern and decided stuff wasn’t correct.

  2. Did anyone find the correct instructions? Have made the blanket now need correct pattern for the turtles. Thx.

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