[Video Tutorial] This Little Dress Pattern Will Touch Your Heart

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Follow along with onevirtuouswoman while she’s teaching a video tutorial on how to make the Little White Dress by SarahSweethearts. This lovely dress pattern is for newborn babies to 3 months babies. You can find the written pattern by clicking on the pattern’s name.  No babies around you ? You can always make some little cute dresses for charity.

Thanks to SarahSweethearts for the article inspiration and featured image. 

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44 Comments to [Video Tutorial] This Little Dress Pattern Will Touch Your Heart

  1. janie richardson

    Is it possible to get this in a photo tutorial or written pattern? Thank you. This pattern is adorable.

  2. I watched the first video for the “Little White Dress” but can’t find the second one to finish the dress. The written pattern has been removed from Ravelry.
    Help please!!

  3. This is adorable, Sheila Morris! Thanks for showing it to me. However, by the time I got it to them in Sept/Oct, the weather would be getting too cold for my granddaughter to wear it!

  4. Sheila Morris, Unfortunately, they’re living in China and it’s way too expensive to ship anything to them. I only send stuff to them if I or someone I know is going there to see them. Now if I had seen this before I went there earlier this month, I could have whipped it out in no time (with or without the pattern)!

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