[Video Tutorial] This Little Dress Pattern Will Touch Your Heart

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What a cute dress ! The finished size is for a newborn baby to 3 months baby dress or top. This pattern is recommended for an intermediate level crocheter, due to the stitches used: Shell and Cluster. However, with the help of the video tutorial below, this Little White Dress by SarahSweethearts may be an achievable project for even less experienced crocheters. ( **The pattern is currently unavailable in written format)

Little White DressImage source: SarahSweethearts

To watch the Little White Dress video tutorial, please go to the next page.


53 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] This Little Dress Pattern Will Touch Your Heart”

  1. janie richardson

    Is it possible to get this in a photo tutorial or written pattern? Thank you. This pattern is adorable.

  2. I watched the first video for the “Little White Dress” but can’t find the second one to finish the dress. The written pattern has been removed from Ravelry.
    Help please!!

  3. This is adorable, Sheila Morris! Thanks for showing it to me. However, by the time I got it to them in Sept/Oct, the weather would be getting too cold for my granddaughter to wear it!

    1. Hi Mary…do you have a video player on the device you are using to watch the video? That might be the reason. I can help if you get stuck. If you are on Facebook, send me a friend request. My name on Facebook is Elizabeth Goulart Pacheco. Or you can email me at [email protected]. I just finished the dress.

  4. Sheila Morris, Unfortunately, they’re living in China and it’s way too expensive to ship anything to them. I only send stuff to them if I or someone I know is going there to see them. Now if I had seen this before I went there earlier this month, I could have whipped it out in no time (with or without the pattern)!

  5. Amanda Huddleston

    What I did, was watch the video and wrote the pattern from the video. If I’m doing something wrong by posting this I am sorry, I just wanted to help those who were having problems following along with the video.
    LIttle White Dress BY SaraSweethears 0 to 3 months
    Please Know that I Wrote this pattern as the lady in the video was talking, I may have missed something. THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL WRITTEN PATTERN and I’m not in any way claiming it as my own.
    Notes: first video R1 to R14
    slp st
    Small Shell dc ch1….Small shell=6dc
    Med Shell dc ch1…Med shell =7dc
    Picot=sc ch2 sc in the same stitch….Picot will change in R7
    After each shell and picot skp2.
    Beginning chain 4 is the start of shell.
    BEGIN by chaining 62 then connect chain with slp st
    R1. 1sc skp2 SMALL shell skp2 untill the end. Slp st to connect
    R2. Slp st into the ch1 at the top of the Shell then Ch4* Small Shell, skp 2, sc into the ch1 at the top of next shell.* repeat until end.
    R3. Slp st into ch1 at the top of shell *picot, sk2, Small Shell into the sc, skp2* slp st into beginning chain.
    You might want to refer to the video on this next row
    R4. Ch4 Small shell, sk2, picot at the top of shell, sk2, Small shell into the ch2 space, Sk2, picot, BEGIN ARM WHOLE NOW ch5 [skip next picot, Small shell, picot, Small shell, Picot] sc in th 1sc at the top of the next shell, skp2, picot, skp2, Small shell, skp 2, picot, skp2, Small shell, Picot, BEGIN ARM WHOLE NOW ch5,[skp small shell, picot, Small shell, picot,] then Small shell into ch2 space, continue pattern untill the end.Slp st into beginning ch. (if you are having a problem with the pattern at the 2nd arm whole just refer to the video or look at your first arm whole to figure it out.) When you finish with your arm wholes and your looking at them from the top….you should have a Picot, Small shell, and a picot.
    R5. slp st into ch1 top of Small shell,* picot, sk2, Small shell*(untill you get to the picot ch5(starting the arm)) Small shell in the picot, skp 2 in the ch5 and picot, skp2, Small shell into Picot. Continue pattern untill the end then slp st into the beginning st.
    MED SHELL STARTS HERE Med Shell dc ch1…Med shell =7dc
    R6. Ch4 Beginning *Med Shell, sk2, picot, Med Shell, sk2, picot.* untill the end slp st into beginning ch.
    The NEWpicot or Npicot on R7 is 1sc ch2 sk1 sc. So sc in the 3rd 1sc.. ch2 which will be over the 4th dc then sc in the next 1ch. If you are having trouble watch the video for the the visual.
    R7. Slp st in th 3rd 1sc starting the *Npicot, sk2, Med shell, sk 2,Npicot,* untill you reach the end then slp into beginning ch.
    R8. ch4 this is the beginning of the *Med Shell, sk2, Picot, sk2,* repeat untill the end then slp into beginning ch.
    R9- 14 Repeat Rows 7 & 8. I would suggest putting in a marker on R9 to keep track of your rows.

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