[Video Tutorial] This Cute Spiral Granny Square Is Surprisingly Easy To Crochet

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Traditional granny squares are so beautiful but now and then, we all want to try something new. Spirals are a great motif and you can find them pretty much everywhere in nature and in art. Spirals can hold spiritual meaning and its meaning varies depending on the culture, but mostly the spiral has always been a symbol of constant motion, of balance, and of awareness, a symbol of infinity–it just kept going!



Do you have people in your life that believe in symbols? If you want meaningful crochet for people in love with symbols, you want to learn how to make this cute spiral crochet granny square. It\'s so great to be surrounded by little crochet pieces that carry a profound message which reminds us of the infinite potential that lies within every one of us. Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the video tutorial.

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    For the record, I think your crochet is very nice and plan to send the image to my daughter who crochets.

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