[Video Tutorial] Learn A New Stitch: Crochet Cable Stitch

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This is one of my favorite stitch patterns! There are so many gorgeous patterns out there, using the cable stitch or variation of this stitch. So, if you\'ve wanted to learn how to crochet cables, I have a couple of tutorials here for you. One is a written pattern: Crochet Cables by Crochet Kitten with a great photo tutorial as well.

If you learn much better from videos, where you can actually see what is going on and crochet along,, watch the video tutorial below, courtesy of Ruby Stedman.

Crochet cables were inspired by the look of knitted cables–those twisted, rope-like designs seen in so many sweaters and hats. In crochet, they are created with the use of front-post and back-post stitches that cross over each other to impart that rope-like look. There are many variations of the technique, depending on what pattern you are following, but this tutorial will give you the basic idea. (Source)


Featured image: Selena K.

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