[Free Pattern] The Small But Mighty Dragon Is So Amazing!

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How about a super cute dragon crochet pattern amigurumi for your next project? Small But Mighty Dragon by  Sharon Ojala is fun and adorable and and it's a free pattern. And what's even more important is that it’s certainly loved by kids of all ages! This adorable dragon crochet pattern will be released in parts, in a call during the month of July, according to a schedule, which you can find on the designer’s website.


The Small But Mighty Dragon Free Crochet Pattern

Gather your supplies:
worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Comfort yarn, it is a 10ply acrylic.
For you, my Friends in the UK, the yarn closest to this is Aran.
I used less than 364 yards to make one dragon.
Make your dragon any color you wish. I made the main parts using 3 different colors of yarn
One color for the body, head, tail, limbs, wing outline, eyelids
An alternate color for belly patch, wings, tail decoration
White to make claws and horns.
Yellow or any color yarn or embroidery thread for the eyes and a strand of black yarn for the pupils
4mm hook
Optional: a smaller hook to make the horns anywhere from a 2.5mm to a 3.5mm
Optional: wire or pipe cleaner for the longer horns
blunt end yarn needle for sewing
Optional: a sharper end needle for embroidering the eyes
Optional: regular felt pens to add a bit of color to the eyes
stick pins
polyester stuffing. This is a small dragon under 8 inches tall, you don't need much. Choose a soft stuffing. The brand I use is called Eversoft and also Poly-fil. Both of these say “ideal for toys and dolls” on the package. It is a very soft and springy polyester stuffing that allows me to sew through amigurumis with no clumping.

[Free Pattern] The Small But Mighty Dragon Is So Amazing!

View the The Small But Mighty Dragon Free Crochet Pattern with all the directions and full written pattern here.

Thanks to Sharon Ojala for the article inspiration and featured image.

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