[Photo Tutorial] Learn To Crochet: How To Chain Stitch

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This tutorial  is for the wanna-be crocheters, for the very beginner or, why not, for those who need to refresh their basic crochet knowledge. Courtesy of Rachel from Maybe Matilda, this tutorial seems so simple but then there are a few very practical tips that may change a lot and simplify the way you crochet now. I love the tip of wrapping the working yarn around your pinky to lessen tension. Brilliant, right?

Before You Start
Probably the trickiest part of learning to crochet (for me, at least) is working on your tension–you need to be able to hold the hook, work your stitches, and hold your yarn in such a way that your stitches come out nice and even. It can feel very awkward at first to try and hold everything in place, not to mention adding stitches to the mix! And if you pull the yarn too tightly, it'll be practically impossible to crochet more than one or two rows before you can't even work your hook through the stitches because they're so tight; hold it too loosely, and you'll end up with gaps and holes and goofy loops in your work. (Although I'm actually left-handed, I crochet right-handed, so that's what the pictures will show. If you plan to crochet left-handed, you'll need to reverse what you see in the pictures.) Source: Maybe Matilda

how to crochet

Image source: flickr

Thanks to Rachel for this article inspiration and featured image.

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