[Photo Tutorial] 4 Hearts In The Center Of A Granny Square Make A Beautiful UnBroken Hearts Block

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Rated as “easy, but not beginner” this beautiful granny square is great for beginners, with a full photo tutorial. Unbroken Hearts Granny Square by Sara Sach  looks great when done in three colors (featured image) or in six colors (picture below). I love the idea behind this pattern: four hearts create an unbreakable connection. If you need more help in making this granny square, you can check Tamara Kelly's blog. This block was featured as Block #5 on  her 2015 Moogly Afghan Crochet-Along  call and you can read her notes about the creation of this airy, lacy square on her blog.

The UnBroken Hearts
Granny Square Crochet Pattern is
Designed with 4 hearts in the
center of a granny Square.
The hearts are joined together in a circle,
and unable to be Broken.

This Is Picture Tutorial of how I designed this Granny Square.
The Granny Square measures 12 X 12
The pink and Gray Square was stitched with a I hook.
The pink and red Square was stitched with an H hook

Moogly-Unbroken-Hearts-Posh-PoochImage source: Tamara Kelly

Thanks to Sara Sach for article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. WM Harding, the pattern or tutorial is always linked to the name of the pattern. Just click on it please, In this case :Unbroken Hearts Granny Square is the name of the pattern. Hope this helps!

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