Learn A New Stitch: Crochet Zigzag Stitch ( Zigzag Scarf Free Pattern Included)

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What a delightful design! This Zigzag Stitch by Esther Chandler looks great and also different. I haven't seen anything else similar to this stitch anywhere else. The texture seems so thick and elegant, creative and outstanding, great for scarves or cold weather projects and even for home decor objects. The Zigzag Stitch Scarf free pattern comes with a great story which you will be so content you read it!



The pattern is worked in the round about a starting row to keep the scarf symetrical and lessen the number of ends to weave in.

The zigzag stitch is created using front post stitches in a contrasting colour to the previous row.

Any combination of colours can be used. For a 3 colour scarf you will need approximately 185m of colour 1, 160m of colour 2, and 135m of colour 3.

Gauge is unimportant for this pattern.(Source)

Zigzag stitch scarfImage source:  Esther

Thanks to Esther Chandler for the article inspiration and featured image.

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