Keeping Straight Edges In Crochet Is Easier Than You Think!

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If you struggle with making your edges look more even, this photo tutorial will show you where the stop and starts are in a row so you can have good and straight edges on both sides of your crochet project.

There are many books you can purchase from native book stores to teach yourself how to crochet and how to keep straight edges in crochet, whether or not it's as a beginner or intermediate. Luckily the internet is an open source and any information is at your fingertips really so you can get it and use it very easily.
This great tip brought to you by Ashlea of Heart Hook Home will make you feel good about your edges so you can move on to more complicated things.


How to Keep Straight Edges in Crochet

Keeping Straight Edges In Crochet Is Easier Than You Think!

View the complete How to Keep Straight Edges in Crochet tutorial

Thanks to Ashlea  for the article inspiration and featured image.

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13 thoughts on “Keeping Straight Edges In Crochet Is Easier Than You Think!”

  1. I think the ch3 turning ch is mixed up with using foundation ch – you work into the 4th ch, leaving 3, when working dc (US tr) because you need to leave a foundation ch the same as the other sts. After that, you only need 2 because the top of the last st is like the foundation ch.

  2. I always find I have extra bumps on the side or end up with too many stitches if I don’t count the chain. I am always trying to go into the chain at the end of my row to make the edge straight. I find if don’t have a straight edge if I leave to chain stitch alone. I do however use the same chain trick and also find it handy when decreasing to include my chain in the Dec. I also find it handy to make a foundation stitch when starting a project, rather than making a chain and crocheting across it.

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