• [Free Patterns] 12 Quick And Easy Crochet Flower Patterns

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    Every woman deserves to be delighted by flowers. For a woman who loves the art of crochet or knit, crocheted or knitted flowers may same the same beauty value like the real ones.

    Crochet flower are adorable. They can be used to beautify any craft projects. They look great on purses, on headbands, on blouses, as accessories, on different things around the house,etc… there are so many ways you can use crochet flowers. You can basically have summertime anytime.

    Rhondda from oombawkadesigncrochet.com has curated a list of 50+ awesome crochet flowers patterns. I got inspired by her list and here are 12 quick and easy free crochet flower patterns I absolutely love. And I hope you will like them too .

     Click on the names of the patterns you like to go to their pattern pages!

    1. The Gratitude Flower by  bonitapatterns.com.

    gratitude flower
    This image courtesy of bonitapatterns.com


    2. Pansy Flower  by littlemonkeyscrochet.com

    This image courtesy of littlemonkeyscrochet.com


    3. Crochet Dahlia Flower by myhobbyiscrochet.com

    Crochet Dahlia Flower-
    Crochet Dahlia Flower-
    dahlia free crochet pattern myhobbyiscrochet
    This image courtesy of myhobbyiscrochet.com


    4.  Easter Lily (November Lily) by Tamara Kelly at mooglyblog.com

    This image courtesy of mooglyblog.com

    5.  Pretty 3 layer Crochet Flower by crochet-patterns-free.com

    Pretty 3 layer Crochet Flowe
    crochet flower-purple background
    This image courtesy of crochet-patterns-free.com


    6. Picot Flowers and Leaf by Jessie at jessieathome.com

    flower ss
    This image courtesy of jessieathome.com


    7. Mix and Match Flowers by Sandra Paul at ravelry.com

    Mix and Match Flowers
    This image courtesy of ravelry.com


    8. Fast and Fun Flower by  Heidi Yates at ravelry.com

    This image courtesy of ravelry.com


    9.  Simple Crochet Flower by Dedri at lookatwhatimade.net

    flower look
    This image courtesy of lookatwhatimade.net


    10. La Fleur Petite by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite at cre8tioncrochet.com

    This image courtesy of cre8tioncrochet.com


    11. That 70’s Flower by Jessie at jessieathome.com

    irish flower
    This image courtesy of jessieathome.com

    12. Easy Crochet Flower Headband by simplycollectiblecrochet.com

    This image courtesy of simplycollectiblecrochet.com

    Thanks to Oombawka Design Crochet for this article inspiration.

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