[Free Pattern] Very Easy Diagonally Knit Dishcloth With Eyelet Border: Grandmother\’s Favorite

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If you love fast knit projects you will not believe how easy it is to make this dishcloth. Grandmother's Favorite  by Traditional Design, is recommended for everyone, from beginners and up. Even if you do not have yet a high level of skill when it comes to knitting, this pattern is going to give you another nudge of confidence.


Watching the square grow out from your needles is a wonderful feeling especially when this is the first thing you knit with increases and decreases. It’s simple enough to make and turns out beautifully and the simplicity of the edging detail makes it even better! Nice small project to take with you and so easy they almost knit themselves.

The suggested yarn, Lily Sugar'n Cream can be surely use in the kitchen, it’s an extremely durable yarn and hold up through many washings.
And another huge “plus” to get you started with this pattern: you'll never run out of family members who are more than willing to take a handful of them home when you'll have extras.

Love pointy corners? Here is a tip for you:

If you do two little two stitch short rows on the corner of the longest row, just before you start decreasing, the corners are pointier.(Source)

This one is the good old Grandmother’s Favorite, knit on the diagonal. I used a U.S. 8 (5mm) circular needle (because I’ve grown to despise straight needles – I always poke myself, my project, my cat with them). I increased to 54 stitches wide across the center before beginning the decreases. Mom wanted good-sized dishcloths. The finished dishcloth used about 50 grams of yarn. (Source)

knitdishclothImage source:  Lynne

Thanks to Traditional Design for this article inspiration and featured image.

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