• [Free Pattern] Totally Unusual! You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Crochet Square Is Done!

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    The colorful crochet square underneath is made in the round. The Funky Doily potholder pattern by Annette Petavy is a square made in the round with a finished size of approximate 34×34 cm/13.5×13.5 inches square. Done in beautiful, bright colors and combined with the Locutus pattern done in black, creates a stunning crochet piece.  Almost breathtaking!

    This can be a doily, a tablecloth, a place-mat, a pillowcase or whatever you decide it to be. It all depends on which yarn you use, and how big you make it. (Source)

    To find out how to put  these pieces together, please visit alexist’ page.

    funky doily potholder

    Image source: alexist

    Thanks to alexist for this article inspiration and images.

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    255 Comments to [Free Pattern] Totally Unusual! You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Crochet Square Is Done!

    1. Yes you click the word locutus, but where are the instructions for the bottom section I click next page but it doesn’t show the instructions for what’s in the picture!

    2. i cant get it it keeps wanting me to down load all kinds of files and i still dont get it. love the patterns but i dont trust all the down loaded files i got to go through to get the free pattern 🙁

    3. @[100000488272922:2048:Yvonne Rose], please click the word Locutus ( the name of the pattern ). The pattern’s page is always linked to the name of the pattern. No downloads are necessary to get there.

    4. That would be super easy to make! Elaine Morriss – If you could print the pattern for me, I’d make you some of your color choice…I think I’m going to owe you some stuff and I know how busy you are !!! 🙂

    5. This has been the most frustrating pattern to access. Why can’t you just link to the actual pattern instead of a page so ad heavy that it is difficult to navigate to the correct pattern link? I finally managed to get the locotus pattern, but am giving up on the rest. Very disappointed.

    6. I have tried several times to locate the full pattern with instructions without any luck. I have clicked on every link available. The closest I came was the overlay in white. We deserve to have accurate links with full instructions that are downloadable or able to pin to Pinterest. I feel soooo frustrated and disappointed because this block is so beautiful. I hope someone manages your page and actually reads your comments so you see all those, like myself, with the same issues.

      • dailycrochet

        Teresa, where it says:Locutus by Penny Davidson, please click the word Locutus. The pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern ( first letter capital and followed by the name of the designer). Also only one line under the name of the pattern. Hope this helps!

    7. OH for pity sake! It took me half an hour to find the “white” version, without the background and now I can’t find the pattern for the background and how to put them together. It just can’t be this hard.

    8. Can’t get to the pattern, just want you to jump around everywhere. Would be nice if what gets posted is just simple and easy, not this other crap that takes forever and doesnt reveal anything.

    9. Joanna, if you download this pattern please make a copy for me. The prrinter isn’t working Here. Needs to be be unplugged and plugged back in again:P and my back is saying, “I don’t think so. Thank you

    10. The pattern should be easy to approximate by looking at the photo. Obviously the background is a dc crochet square in multiple colors or self striping. The overlay is a dc magic loop circle, then play with sections of dc and chaining to get a lacy pattern. Lay the one on top of the other and crochet them together with one round of dc or even sc. It’s pretty, but I’m not amazed – it was exactly what it looked like.

    11. I’ve downloaded and hooked this pattern several times. Honestly, it’s poorly written (or translated to English), so there are errors in it. You just have to pay attention. It helped to zoom in on the pic, to get it right. I’ve corrected my copy of the printed pattern.
      It turns out quite lovely!

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