[Free Pattern] This Toddler Hat Has Everything A Girly Hat Needs: A Crown, Ribbon And Rhinestones!

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This girly hat is super cute! The adorable pattern is made to fit girlies from 1 to 3 years old! And boys as well, considering the design is of a crown and not a tiara. In a different color, this Girly Crown Hat by Ramsi Leigh is totally suitable for boys as well. The pattern is available for free on Ramsi’s blog. I scrolled the comments area and found a couple of thing that I think, may be of interest for you. So, if you wonder how to do this hat in an adult size, here is what you need to know:

What I would do continue doing an increase for the next couple of rows until it’s your desired size. When making the crown, foundation double crochet until it fits around the hat (not to tight) and follow the pattern but you may have to make more sl st or less sl st’s in the back to accommodate the amount of chains!


Q. how exactly do you attach the crown to the hat? With the same gray yarn and use a yarn needle?

A. Yes! Use the gray yarn and a yarn needle! I just weaved in and out of the first double crochet row of the crown! You still want to be able to weave the ribbon in and out of the crown!(Source)

Thanks to Ramsi Leigh for this article inspiration and featured image.

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55 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Toddler Hat Has Everything A Girly Hat Needs: A Crown, Ribbon And Rhinestones!”

  1. Scherry Clifton

    I love all of your posted things to crochet, but when I click on them I cant get the patterns even when they are free. All I get is ads. Im old but I wish it was a little easier to do. Thanks

    1. Scherry, thansk you so much and sorry to have caused you problems in getting the pattern. Please click the name of the pattern you want to get. I always introduce the designer and the name of the pattern on the first paragraph and add the link to the free pattern to the name of the pattern. Hope this explanation helps.

  2. Hi Deanna, Check out Crocheting For Hunger, We’re trying to keep the people in need, a little warmer this winter. They would be greatly appreciated. Thanks @[100009373374043:2048:Mary Beth Johns] <3

  3. Once I open from the link I’m not sure how to get the pattern. Seems there are two “advertisements to download the PDF program…sorry I’m not seeing how to get the actual pattern, help? thanks!

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