[N/A] This Sea Turtle Rug Is Fabulous

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I fell in love with this sea turtle instantly! Adorable idea and beautiful design! The Sea Turtle Rug by Sonea Delvon is fabulous and really makes me smile. The turtle design that includes the mandala is brilliant! I bet that any children in the world will enjoy getting out of the tub and stepping onto this!

Shell diameter: 85cm/ 34inches
Length from head to tail: 125cm/ 49inches
Width from fin to fin: 122cm/ 48inches
Head length: 25cm/ 10inches
Head height: 18cm/ 7inches

The shell’s center is Barbara Langer’s Little Spring Mandala. When I saw her cute motif, I thought it was great for a turtle’s shell. She was so kind to allow me to use her pattern for mine, thank you so much! (Source)

Sea Turtle Rug

Image source: Sonea

Thanks to Sonea for this article inspiration and featured image.

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52 thoughts on “[N/A] This Sea Turtle Rug Is Fabulous”

  1. Do you still have the pattern? I can’t find it anywhere. I have a brother who loves sea turtles and a 7 month son id love to make this as a play mat for

    1. Sorry Kathy, this pattern is not available anymore. Please ask our community on our Facebook page,luckily someone will share it with you.

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