[Free Pattern] This Lovely Crochet Pansy Is Perfect In Every Way

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This adorable pansy looks so much like the real thing, it's almost hard to believe! This beautiful Crochet Pansy, designed by Lesley Stanfield captures the true nature of the lovely little flowers. Make a bunch of these cuties to create a gorgeous brooch, hair clip, or appliques for bags, clothing or decor items. This pansy crochet pattern is absolutely gorgeous in every way!


Pansy Crochet Pattern

You Will Need

Dk Wool in • yellow (A) • purple (B) • mauve (C)

Pansy Crochet Pattern Free


Check out the original source for this Pansy Crochet Pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Cut Out And Keep

Thanks to Lesley Stanfield for the article inspiration and featured image.

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10 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Lovely Crochet Pansy Is Perfect In Every Way”

  1. Ldb Shepherd, Grace Iezzi, Paramjeet Panesar, please click the name of the pattern Crochet Pansy and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the written instructions. Hope it helps!

  2. Are these instructions the US or UK version please? I’m confused. SC in US terminology is Single Crochet, but in UK terms it means Double Crochet…DC in US terms is Double Crochet, but in UK terms DC means Treble…so what is DTR (double treble)? Is this UK or US ? If it’s UK, that’s fine I know what the stitch is, but if it’s US version, can you please explain the stitch? Are the US and UK terminologies mixed up here? You have SC and DTR….one is US and the other UK.

    US Version UK Version
    SC = DC
    DC = TR
    DTR? = DTR?

    Thanks for any help. Can’t wait to get started on making this beautiful little flower….my favourite summer and winter plant!

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