This Guardian Crochet Angel Pattern Is A Must-Have Decoration !

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This is one of the best crochet angel pattern for ornaments I've ever seen! The Guardian Angel  by Camilla of Crochet Millan is very easy to make when you follow the step by step picture tutorial offered by Camilla on her site. This guardian angel ornament is a wonderful gift for touching people's souls. It’s a beautiful reminder for every single one of us: “you are not alone!”

Guardian Crochet Angel Pattern

This Guardian Crochet Angel Pattern Is A Must-Have Decoration !

Check out the original source for this Crochet Angel Pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Crochet Millan

Thanks to Camilla for the article inspiration and featured image.

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57 thoughts on “This Guardian Crochet Angel Pattern Is A Must-Have Decoration !”

      1. Kathy, to get to the pattern’s page please click the name of the pattern: Guardian Angel. To print the pattern you can choose the Print option from your browser’s menu. You will print the all page, not only the pattern. Hope this helps.

  1. It would be nice if I could get to the pattern without having to go through Publishers Clearing House first! I can’t X out of the #*!@ advertisement. Not the first time this has happened when I want to print or save a pattern >:(

  2. Hi,
    Love this little angel. My problem is very first round. Chain 12 DC, finish with 1Sl St in ch 3, where is this chain 3?
    It mentions finishing in ch on other rows,too.
    I’m still learning discerning pattern directions. Please, Please, help!

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