• [Free Pattern] This Gorgeous Square Is So Versatile And There’s So Many Things You Can Do With It

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    The truth is that there is almost no limit to this versatile square! Suitable for a scarf or a jacket, this flower crochet square can also be used as a component in an afghan, a throw or a baby blanket. The French Connection Square by Jen Tyler is a pattern with extraordinary beauty and versatility which makes you think how a bit of creativity and imagination can come together to create such an amazing design.


    Yarn: I used a normal acrylic DK, and also a baby weight DK acrylic which was a bit 䀀ddly to work with
    being softer and lighter, but I loved the colours. Also, this necessitated an adjustment to the stitches. In
    some parts of the pattern. I have used this stitch guide eg: 1tr/1dc. This is to make allowances in size, so
    that the squares end up the same size. The larger stitches would be for the lighter weight yarn, and the
    smaller stitches for the normal DK.
    Hook: 3.5m
    Finished Size: 5” – 5 1⁄2 squared. Size can be increased easily.

    [Free Pattern] This Gorgeous Square Is So Versatile And There's So Many Things You Can Do With It

    This image courtesy of Hooks ‘n Tales.

    Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Hooks ‘n Tales

    Thanks to Jen Tyler for the article inspiration and featured image.

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