• [Free Pattern] This Awesome Grace Crochet Blanket Has The Wow Factor All Over It!

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    This is a stunningly beautiful crochet blanket with a finished size of approximately 200cmx200cm. Grace Blanket by Anita Gibney is probably one of the most beautiful blanket pattern you’ll ever see that comes with an extremely detailed photo tutorial. You also get instructions on how to change the size if you wish to make a smaller crochet blanket.


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    1. Cindy Gandee Braddock, hit the http: under free pattern above, then hit Grace Blanket in the article. See where it says, free pattern in blue, hit that. The pattern is there, but some place you should be able to access it for a PDF. Look under comments for Sas Burton Asher asks how to print it. Craft Life explains. It sounds like you need to print each of the pictures. I even accessed Ravelry, and ended up at the same place. I am not real swift with this stuff, so maybe someone can give you better instructions. Good luck!

    2. where it says : Grace Blanket by Anita Gibney… please click the words: Grace Blanket . The pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern ( first letter capital always for the name.) Once you’re there , right click on you’re mouse na save as image, for later, or print. There are 45 pages,I think. You need to do this for each one of them. Hope it helps.

    3. I can’t find the pattern, despite all the advice given above. It says the page is expired. And I followed the link with the grace blanket… Is someone willing to email the pattern to me? I really would like to make this beautyfull blanket.

    4. Cant seem to get pattern…on ravelry it says No Longer Available…please help..this blanket is so beautiful

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