• [Free Pattern] This Absolute Beauty “Grannies And Ripples” Afghan Is One Of The Most Cleverly Worked Crocheted I’ve Seen

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    I'm crazy in love with this afghan! It is stunningly gorgeous and much more sophisticated than the usual granny afghan. The color combination really sets the pattern off. Grannies and Ripples by Stephanie Blaisure has the nostalgic, it almost looks like a quilt and truly creates the comforting feel of a vintage quilt. With this outstanding design, the pattern looks lovely in many settings. The free pattern is beautifully detailed on Stephanie's blog: Simply Crochet.

    Or should I really call it a lapghan? It is only made for one person to sit and cuddle up underneath. Some day I will venture into making a bigger one, but seeings that this one took me a month to make…. I can't imagine a bigger one!

    ripple granny 2

    Thanks to Stephanie for this article inspiration and images.

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    238 Comments to [Free Pattern] This Absolute Beauty “Grannies And Ripples” Afghan Is One Of The Most Cleverly Worked Crocheted I’ve Seen

    1. Melinda Jane May New J.

      It would be amazing to have colour schemes Of yarns so well planned ! Between learning how to create my own dye lot and Waiting for technology to pick up Annything like 100% custom clothes, I will still over-love the frumpy crochet bra I am about to make my still psi legSingle 38year-old singLe Self Post- Valentine’s crying day present.

    2. @hooksyarnandsinker

      Hi Patti O,

      At present i am making this lovely afghan and i am indeed not fastening off at the end of each round of granny. I slip stitch to where the next round has to start…a lot easier and less work than fastening off 😉

      I have to say i am loving this pattern…although the attaching of the second strip of grannies is going slower than watching grass grow

    3. I would like to know why each round of the grannie squares is fastened off – if the same color of yarn is used for the entire square, why can’t you just continue crocheting the rounds? It would save a lot of time weaving in ends. Please advise. Thanks, Patti O.