[Free Pattern] Sweet Little Roses Around The Fountain

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Absolutely gorgeous square and it looks just like a little garden with a fountain in the middle. I love the sweet little roses around the fountain. This square works with many colors together, never gets boring, and turns out beautiful! This Fountain of Roses 12″ Square by Shan Sevcik has a lovely, creative design.

This square is meant to, and hopefully does, look like a fountain in a garden. I have had some ideas kicking around in my head for a while now, but this one was inspired by a square I saw while browsing where someone did a border of flowers out of V stitches and clusters. I thought it was wonderful and will post a link when I find it again.

But of course, flowers need a place to be and a border needs to be around something, so there is the fountain. I have seen the technique I used for the center in a few patterns and thought it was great, and perfect for this.

The beautiful square below is made by Janet of  Yellow Pink And Sparkly . I think is stunning!

fountain of rosesImage source: Janet

Thanks to Shan Sevcik for article inspiration and featured image.

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