• [Free Pattern] Sweet Little Crochet Granny Squares

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    These little granny squares look like grannies for dolls! LOL. I found them at attic24 and they are so cute, I just had to share them with you. Lucy  of attic24 is well known for her fabulous work and may I say -as a coffee lover, me- for her coffees too, since so much of her work seems to be done while she's enjoying her coffees.  These cute granny squares, or Little Squares, how Lucy calls them, would make a fabulous scarf or cushion or bag or even a doll blanket. What's great about these tiny squares is that you can use any leftover yarn to make them and after to stitch them together the result it's still fabulous.

    tiny squares

    Image source: flickr.

    This morning's job was to begin stitching my Little Squares together. Each square is left with a 6 inch tail end of yarn which I'm using for the stitching up. It's quite time consuming, and ever so slightly mind numbing, but weirdly I kind of like it. It's simple, gentle repetitive work which allows me to chatter and ponder freely whilst at the same time being productive.

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    Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: attic24

    Thanks to Lucy for this article inspiration and images.

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    1. And, right after completing this, they would then put me in a jacket with sleeves that tie behind your back and lead me to a room wth pretty padded wallpaper. God bless anyone with the patience to do this… are to be admired and congratulated.