[Free Pattern] Stunning And Multifunctional Crochet Basket With Handles

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This basket is a fabulous project! Basket or fancy bag, the Ropey Rainbow Basket by Alia Bland is clever and practical, very festive and functional Easy and addictive, this brightly colored, sturdy basket is a great way to get rid of scraps too. After all, everyone needs a rainbow in their life! 😉


Yarn in an array of colours (approx 1000-1200m).
For my first rainbow basket I used Stylecraft Special DK in citron, fondant, pomegranate, petrol, aspen, and a random green I found in my stash.
For the second basket pictured in this tutorial I used Rico Essentials Cotton DK in Aquamarine, Pistachio, Grass Green, Cobalt Blue, Purple, Candy Pink, Pumpkin & Banana. A grey Drops cotton was used in the base.
Rope. I used approx 21 metres of 9mm nylon rope to make a basket approximately 35cm in diameter x 30cm high. The same quantity of 8mm rope was used in the first basket. I think you could use rope in any size, though thicker rope will make a more sturdy basket.
Hook. I used a 5mm/H hook.
Stitch markers.
Yarn needle.
Lighter or matches. These come in useful for any joins that you may need to make with the rope as well as for sealing the cut.

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[Free Pattern] Stunning And Multifunctional Crochet Basket With Handles

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written patternat: The Little Bee

Thanks to Alia Bland for the article inspiration and featured image.

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