[Free Pattern] Soft And Cuddly Preemie Baby Blanket

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Baby blankets are one of the best gifts you could bring to a baby shower. They are on any list of baby essentials as a matter of fact, and probably, on the top of the list. The Ilitominon Preemie Blanket by Maria Zilakouck is a gorgeous pattern designed to support premature babies. Lots of positive thoughts and wishes for the baby who will receive the blanket are mandatory part of the pattern.



I designed this blanket especially for those who wish to offer a soft hug to those tiny Ilitominon fighters, those babies who fight for life and for their parents who need to know that there are people out there who support them and feel for them.

Ilitominon preemie blanket by Maria Zilakouck

Thanks to Maria Zilakouck for this article inspiration and featured image.

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15 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Soft And Cuddly Preemie Baby Blanket”

  1. I made this for a cousin who had a preemie baby with birth defects. She gained her wings and the parents lauded her to rest with the Blankie I made for her. It is a beautiful piece and works up nicely. Thank you for sharing this because I had lost the pattern.

  2. Please don’t make this blanket for a newborn. It is a completely unsuitable pattern. The elongated threads and holes can trap little fingers and toes and cut off the circulation.

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