[Paid Pattern] Rainbow Stripes Crochet Easter Basket

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Update: This pattern is not free anymore, there\'s a small charge now to get ths pattern.

Happy Easter basket for happy people! This bright and happy Rainbow Stripes Crochet Easter Basket, designed by Jen of Jam made, comes with a free written pattern and also an easy-to-follow tutorial. This cute basket is one of those quick and easy projects you make for a fun and you\'re sure everybody is going to love it! Jam has even a few suggestions on her blog for the little things ( free patterns as well) you can make to fill this lovely Easter basket.


8ply (DK) acrylic yarn, in you choice of colours. I used 6 colours for the pink basket, and 8 for the blue. You will use 2 strands of each colour worked together for the basket, and single strand for the bows.

NOTE: Make sure you DON’T use the ‘softee’ acrylic yarn as your basket will not stand up as well as it should.

Hooks: (US)-G, 4mm (US)-H, 5mm

Stitches used: US sc (UK dc) and crab stitch.

Notes: Work your first sc in the same spot as beg ch, in each round of basket.

Image source: Jen.

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9 thoughts on “[Paid Pattern] Rainbow Stripes Crochet Easter Basket”

  1. Laura and Margaret, the pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern: first letter capital, followed by the name of the designer and only one line under. Please click the Rainbow Stripes Crochet Easter Basket, link to get to the pattern’s page. Hope it helps!

  2. I can’t get to the pattern either. I have tried numerous times for different patterns have not ever been able to get it. Guess I will have to go to another web site. Sorry. I really like your ideas

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