[Free Pattern] Precious Little Baby Headbands With Flowers

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Talking about instant gratification! Just a little bit of yarn from the stash can turn into si much beauty when using this cute, simple crochet pattern! This Baby Headbands with Flowers by CrochetDreamz is beautiful beyond words. So suited for a baby! If you're someone who's just beginning to learn to crochet this is the pattern you want o start with! So easy and quick and you get the directions so you can make the beautiful flower headbands for any size head. The pattern includes pattern for the headband and the pattern for the beautiful, delicate, little flower.



Make them in any colors of your choice using worsted weight yarn. Pattern tells you how to make it for any size head and includes a chart to help you with the measurements if you are making it for someone else. Using a bigger hook than specified can help you increase the size of the flower. I prefer keeping the headbands as narrow as possible as it makes the flower stand out. You can use a single flower or a pair of contrasting flowers partly overlapping each other, in the same sizes or in two different sizes. Just experiment with the colors, size and alignment and you can make it look different every time you crochet it.

Baby headband

Thanks to CrochetDreamz for the article inspiration and featured image.

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