[Free Pattern] Meet Norberta: The Super-Cute Baby Dragon!

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If a few days ago we met the Adorable Fierce Little Dragon – the extra adored crochet amigurumi, today we meet Norberta: The Super-Cute Baby Dragon! Norberta by Kate Kuckro is a 10 inches lovely knitting toy and she is the best companion for any kid and a great first stuffed toy for any new baby. She has gain some popularity in the knitting community but she's always willing to make new friends. Aren't we all?

I wasn't quite sure what Norberta would be when I started — as it turns out, she wanted to be a baby dragon. But leave off the wings and spines, and she looks like a dinosaur or an alligator — whatever works best for the kid (or grownup) in your life.

norbertaALTImage source: Kate Kuckro

Thanks to Kate Kuckro for article inspiration and featured image.

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