[Free Pattern] Happy 4th of July! Crochet An American Flag Afghan Or An American Flag Fridgie

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Celebrate the day with this U.S.A. inspired pattern. This American Flag Afghan by Kathy Wilson is an easy to crochet pattern Sewing the stars may be the task that takes the most time after all, but the result is so worth it! The finished size of this flag afghan is approximately 65″ long x 46″ wide.

Here’s a free crochet pattern to make a great heirloom afghan for American patriots.

We also include free bonus instructions to make an American flag fridgie.

  • 3 (8 oz) Red Heart Super Saver no. 319 Cherry Red

  • 2 (8 oz) Red Heart Super Saver no. 387 Soft Navy

  • 3 (80z) Red Heart Super Saver no. 311 White

  • Size J hook

  • Tapestry needle

Crochet an American Flag Afghan or an American Flag Fridgie

Get the pattern: American Flag Afghan

Thanks to Kathy Wilson for the article inspiration and featured image.

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16 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Happy 4th of July! Crochet An American Flag Afghan Or An American Flag Fridgie”

  1. There is something so wrong about this. I was taught respect for the flag. Don’t let it touch the ground. Don’t keep it out after dark unless it has lights shining on it. Don’t leave it out in bad weather. Fold it neatly into a trianlge with the stars showing. Send it to the American Legion when it gets ragged to be properly burned in a very special ceremony. Not just tossed in the scrap heap. Now here is a pattern to make it into a blanket that will be lain on or used as a picnic blanket so it will not only be on the ground but sat on walked on and be soiled by food drink and whatever. It may lie on a couch to be sat on then stuffed into a closet until company comes and you need an extra blanket. In these days of low patriotism… can’t we show a little more respect ???

    1. Can you chill out? It’s not like it’s a flag meant for hanging. All the things you listed, are meant for a HANGING FLAG. There are lots of American flag merchandise out there, how is it different? Oh girls, watch out! When you take off your American flag print bikinis and it hits the floor, THAT’S DISRESPECTFUL! Grow up, it’s a BLANKET.

      1. totally agree!! We have all the respect in the world for our flag…..but we also love to have it in our living room on the couch to show we love her!

    2. Kimberly Schwartzmiller

      This isn’t a hanging flag. And it is very respectful to cover a retired vet with one. There’s nothing wrong with a flag blanket. I agree with all you said when it’s a hanging flag, but this is meant for those who love the flag and what’s wrong with a flag blanket draped over the back of the couch? Nothing. I made one for my husband and you wouldn’t find a man more respectful of our nations flag. And he loves snuggling under it in his chair, warm and comfy.

  2. I made two of these and both have been hanging on walls at my house and sons house for years with no stretching. My pattern was from the 1976 workbasket magazine. It was fun to make!

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