[Free Pattern] Green Belle of the Ball -The Gorgeous Festival Shawl

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This gorgeous pattern requires you to have at least advanced beginner to intermediate crochet skills. The stunningly beautiful sample that you are seeing in the pictures are made by Deniseworld and named” Green Belle of the Ball” I love that! I find the green she chose for this pattern extremely fit for a festive event. The Festival Shawl by Lyn Robinson is both very pretty and elegant.

It is a very pretty pattern, and I immediately saw the benefits of displaying it with some formal wear. 🙂 This is a pattern that can definitely be dressed up or down. Additionally, the pattern is written with fringe, so that is another edging option.

It blocks large – my finished measurements were 42” x 70”. However, it is very light and delicate, and the beads were just enough on the edging. I used size 3 Japanese silver-lined beads in dark aqua, light green and pine green, approx. 15 grams of each color.(Source)

Green_Belle_of_the_Ball_3_Image source:  Deniseworld

Thanks to Lyn Robinson  for article inspiration and  images.

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