[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Gorgeous Traditional Baby Blanket Featuring Dragonflies

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This pattern is a wonderful variation on a lovely afghan featured on the popular TV show‘Call the Midwife’. If you were a fan of the show, you probably remember those gorgeous blankets too.

This blanket is elegant, superb and delicate.

Call the Dragonfly pattern by Asta Neely designed as a receiving size blanket, comes with all the details you need on how to make it bigger if desired.

UPDATE- The pattern has been removed from Ravelry. NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Traditional Baby Blanket Featuring Dragonflies

Colour A
400g 4ply Acrylic Yarn
Colour B
50g 4ply Acrylic Yarn
The yarn used in the image shown is Bebe 100 baby yarn in
mint and Hayfield Baby Bonus 4ply in white
4mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

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[Free Pattern] Gorgeous Traditional Baby Blanket Featuring Dragonflies

Check out the original source for this Gorgeous Traditional Baby Blanket Featuring Dragonflies free crochet pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Asta Neely

Thanks to Asta Neely for the article inspiration and featured image.

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18 thoughts on “[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Gorgeous Traditional Baby Blanket Featuring Dragonflies”

  1. this pattern has been removed by the designer, here is what she wrote on Ravelry::
    I wanted to make a dragonfly version of the call the midwife blanket so I wrote my own pattern for it. I DID NOT use anyone else’s pattern, I did it from scratch, which the mountain of scrap paper covered in calculations and notes will attest to.

    I am very proud of this blanket and the recipient was delighted with it.

    Sadly this has now tainted by accusations of plagiarism.

    As a result of this, I have now removed the pattern from Ravelry. I apologise to everyone who wanted to make this blanket. I hope those that have hooked it, enjoyed it.

  2. I also love your pattern and would also greatly appreciate if you could send this to me”. My sister in law loves dragonflys and she would love this blanket as a gift.

  3. Susan M Kasmiskie

    I loved the pattern but did not write it down. I am sorry people were mean. Thank you for it. I crocheted mine from a Caron Cake in blues.

  4. I so want to make this blanket and would love the instructions. I am very sorry about what happened, people can be so difficult. Would you please send me the dragon fly pattern. I have a baby due at the end of the year that I am wanting to make this for.

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