[Free Pattern] Gorgeous Design: Tamara\’s Kismet Square

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Fabulous square! Named after Tamara Kelly of Moogly and using Jacob’s Ladder technique, Tamara's Kismet Square by Jessie Rayot looks gorgeous in two or more colors. The pattern may prove to be a bit challenging but ultimately rewarding. Definitely not a beginner’s project however if your heart is set on this design there are lots of photos, videos and written materials to help you succeed. Jessie's blog is a total gem; I highly suggest you go check it out.

Tamara’s Kismet Square uses the traditional Jacob’s Ladder stitch in the center, and is bordered by the Jacob’s ladder stitch flipped on its side. This creates a lot of fun texture and a really nifty~looking square, if I do say so myself. 😉 The idea for turning the Jacob’s ladder stitch on its side came from this awesome pattern. The square can be used in blankets, pillow covers, as wall art, or in some other way you can imagine. You can even make a quick baby blanket with 6 of these squares and a border, it works for boys or girls. Just have fun with it!

12” square when made in the gauge listed.(Source)

Moogys-Tamaras-Kismet-SquareImage source: Tamara

Thanks to Jessie Rayot  for article inspiration and featured image.

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