[Free Pattern] Give Baby The Sweetest Of Sleep And The Best Of Dreams With This Beautiful Shells Blanket

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I love this pattern as it produces a beautifully lacy baby blanket. This Beautiful shells blanket by Lahoma Nally-Kaye crochets up quickly and super easy to follow. The shells are gorgeous and the pattern is really great because the holes are not overlarge. It grows really quickly and if you want to make it interesting and exciting you can use a different color for each row.

This is a gorgeous and popular pattern that has been circulating around for years, written and re-written by many people, in this re-write I have used all american English crochet terminology, using “modules” of stitches to make it easier to understand the construction of the pattern. This is a really fun and easy pattern once you get the hang of it, and it works up quickly to make a really sweet gift for a baby or just about anyone…who doesn’t love a hand made soft snugly blanket? 🙂

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    1. Almost ALL my yarn has come from the thrift stores I had to buy the odd bit to finish something ,I was blessed because I did healthcare & between the 2 senior buildings was a Salvation Army thrift store so when I had a minute or a break I was always in there & I brought home bags of yarn cheap,so 5 years ago I had to retire because of illness I am still stocked up, I have 6 plastic boxes full,so I have just really started to get back into knitting & crocheting ,& am enjoying seeing all these wonderful patterns & items you all make that I have never seen before thanks for the encouragement by seeing your lovely work.

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