• [Free Pattern] Fabulously Easy Squared Waffle Rainbow

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    Those colors are mesmerizing! The waffle crochet stitch is fabulous by itself but these colors are making it even more interesting and beautiful.

    This really pretty blanket looks lovely and warm and it seems the perfect pattern for cake yarn.

    It has fabulous texture and is great for blankets or even some dishcloths.


    Squared Waffle Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

    This pattern can be made in any weight yarn you choose, with appropriate hook for the yarn weight (8ply/Dk/#3 weight – 4.5mm hook)

    Raised Squared waffle can be made to any size from a washcloth to a blanket

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    [Free Pattern] Fabulously Easy Squared Waffle Rainbow


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      • I agree!! I’ve looked and looked, AND looked, still haven’t found any pattern anywhere!! SMH!!

      • Kathy Becker

        If you’re looking for the Waffle Stitch blanket pattern, go to the next page where the video is and you’ll see the link for the

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