[Free Pattern] Cutest Elf Slippers To Tippy Toe Around A Tree

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This pattern is so interesting and fun! It's really different; it’s one of a kind. Available in both crochet and knit version, these Mosaic stitch elf slippers are way too cute and somehow hilarious. In a good way! You don't wanna miss it! These Elf Slippers Crochet and   Elf Slippers Knit by Kj Hay are worked in the geometric pattern using two colors. The pattern is rated easy although there is a learning curve which may differ depending on your skills.

Each slipper is worked in two colors using a basic Mosaic pattern. Working with chunky yarn and small needles, in the two-color Mosaic Pattern results in a thick, strong fabric, perfect for footwear.



XS (S, M/L, XL)

Slippers are designed to stretch slightly and fit snuggly around foot.

Size XS designed to fit children’s show sizes 11-2

Sizes S (M/L, XL) designed to fit women’s shoe sizes 4-6 (7-11, 12+)

Sizes M/L (XL) designed to fit men

Finished Length, not including curly part of toe:
7 (8-1/2, 10, 11-1/2)”/
18 (21.5, 25.5, 29) cm

Crochet Elf Slippers

Thanks to Kj Hay for this article inspiration and featured image.

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