• [Free Pattern] Crochet Your Own Flower Bracelet

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    This beautiful crochet flower bracelet  makes the perfect summer accessory for your favorite outfit. The pattern is quite easy and quick enough to crochet, even for a beginner and offered for free by Johnnie Collier on her blog. This lacy Flower Bracelet is made of 3 joined flowers and the estimated time for this project is just over an hour.

    Pattern:  This bracelet is made of 3 joined flowers.  Make three of the pattern below and sew together using the same thread you did for the flowers.  I joined them by 2 petals.  Gauge is not important.  I have kid wrists, so maybe you want to make another flower.  Play and see what works for you.


    Photo source: Johnnie Collier

    Thanks to Johnnie Collier for this article inspiration.

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