[Free Pattern] Catch The Good And Trap The Bad With This Magical Dream Catcher

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Catch a little dream with one of these lovely dreamcatchers. This is one of my favorite projects. Dreamcatchers have a fascination history. For those who don't know, the original dreamcatcher was meant to protect a person from a negative dream and let only the positive dreams glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below.I love this story!

This projects is pretty quick and can be done in a couple of hours.

Here is what  Grandma Perkins has to say about her Magical Dream Catcher Frisbee Dream Catcher by Night – Frisbee by Day

The Dream Catcher is a very easy pattern and will allow you to use your imagination. Just about any kind of stitch or design can be adapted to it. There are infinite patterns that could be used.   Experiment with faces or animals or different shaped appliques such as hearts and stars. They could be sewn to any part of the Dream Catcher, not just the center. Just about any yarn or thread or cord (including postal or kite string) could be adapted. You can change the hook size to make it tight or loose.   And with colors, anything goes. The sky’s the limit. My first proto-type was made with the plastic top of a large peanut can, and it worked quite well. I realized that maybe not everyone could find a plastic top that large so I adapted the pattern to a plastic canvas circle shape that can be bought from craft shops.   A nine-inch circle can produce five different sized hoops that will be usable as Frisbees. You could also continue to cut more hoops from the remaining circle, and create your own miniature Dream Catchers. Source: Grandma Perkins Magical Dream Catcher

dreamcatcher sunny face free pattern

There are 9 different dream catcher variations with free pattern, offered by Grandma Perkins on her blog. I tend to like the one with the sun smiling. Is just the reflex I get when I look at the smiley face: I immediately start smiling too. Wanna see the other ones and get the free patterns? 

Image source: Grandma Perkins

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