[Free Pattern] Beautiful Rose Granny Square Blanket

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I found this gorgeous blanket on Pinterest and loved it instantly! This beautiful Rose Granny Square Blanket is a creation of babylovebrand and features vibrant 3D roses in a granny square frame. You'll have to start by making all your roses with leaves first. The pattern for the 3D roses is being offered on the same site. All the necessary pattern are being offered for free.

This pattern is an adaptation of my tutorial on the beautiful Babouska Rose blanket. It features the gorgeous 3D roses with leaves plus a granny square frame and 3-chain flat braid join.


rose granny square 1

For more information check out: Cypress Textiles.

Photo Source:Cypress Textiles.

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45 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Beautiful Rose Granny Square Blanket”

  1. I have been looking for this written pattern and cannot find the rose part. If anyone has it and is willing to share I would appreciate it. I can’t get this link to open!

  2. Hi Toni, the rose pattern is linked to the designer’s introduction on her site. Please click the name of the pattern : Rose Granny Square Blanket ( above article)to get to the designer’s site. Then yoou need to click the link in the words ” my tutorial” to get the rose written pattern ( pic below). Hope it helps.

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