• [Free Pattern] Adorable And Very Creative Crochet Postage Stamps

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    Guess what? I've never thought a crochet stamp can look so cute! As a matter of fact, I've never thought of a crochet stamp! Have you? Well, I'm glad someone with a heart for crochet and talent for design, did! These woolly Crochet Postage Stamps by Julie Harrison are absolutely adorable! The cutest thank you stamp message ever!


    Are you someone who makes practical things, or are you more into the cute little useless fun make?
    I think I do a bit of both.  Or course it is great if you can make something practical that is cute and fun as well!

    I just had a thought that they would make nice brooches if you sewed a pin to the back,
     so quite multi functional after all!

    crochet postage stamps

    Thanks to Julie Harrison for this article inspiration and featured image.

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