[Free Pattern] A Very Pretty Floral Square: Veronica\’s Rose

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Love this pattern so much! Veronica’s Rose by Melissa Green is just another gorgeous 12 inch square who is very easy and enjoyable to make. The rose is beautiful and simple…You'll love to see how this puffy petal flower turns into a nice smooth flat square, just like blooming in your square.

And here is a lovely photo tutorial, done by Dedri of Look At What I Made. As always, she does a great job in making things simple for passionate crocheters.

 It works up quite fast and is pretty straight-forward once you get past the ribbon round.  I have to say that I do LOVE the ribbon round and the pretty leaves.


Veronicas-Rose-Crochet-Square-Photo-Tutorial-Image source: Dedri

Thanks to Melissa Green for article inspiration and featured image.

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