[Free Pattern] A Cozy Crochet Block With Just A Bit Of An Icy Look About It!

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This block is gorgeous! And the choice of colors is incredible! Frostbloom 12″ Afghan Square by Shan Sevcik is a most beautiful square which is not too hard for a relatively inexperienced crocheter. This crochet block works up easily and results in a beautiful floral lacy design with no large holes. I love the texture of the petals and the ribbon row, a stunning pattern that looks amazing in any color combination.



Frostbloom is a simple flower for the winter, a cozy block with just a bit of an icy look about it. This is an easy pattern, suitable for a beginner with a little experience reading patterns. Fairly quick to work up as it’s nearly all done in double crochets. Special stitches include V stitch and extended double crochet, both fully explained in the pattern. A stopping point for an 8” block is noted.(Source)

Frostbloom 12 Afghan Square by Shan Sevcik

Thanks to Shan Sevcik for article inspiration and featured image.

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