[Free Pattern] 5 Gorgeous Crochet Headbands For Any Length Of Hair

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Sometimes I wear my hair short; sometimes I wear my hair long. I’ve always liked to try different hair lengths and color to follow the trends and sometimes based on the way I felt at the time.  However, most of the times I tend to like my hair shoulder length or a little past, maybe because I love figuring out different ways to wear my hair every day.  Every woman in me deserves a different and unique style. LOL.

Headbands are a great way to add style and sophistication to your look and work great with any hair length. Here are 5 gorgeous crochet headbands that are perfect for any lenght of hair and quick and easy to make . If you’re looking for a lunch break crochet project, you’ll  love these free  patterns.

Click on the names of the patterns you like to go to their pattern pages!

1.  Headband with Flower by creativeyarn

Headband with Flower

Image source: creativeyarn

2. Knotted Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau

Knotted Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau

Image source: Stephanie

3. Easy Knotted Crochet Headband by Rachel B. Brown

Easy Knotted Crochet Headband by Rachel B. Brown

Image source: Rachel

4. Crochet Headband by Sonya Gibbons

Crochet Headband by Sonya Gibbons

Image source: Sonya

5. Sherry’s Headband by Sherry Lichtenwalner

Sherry's Headband by Sherry Lichtenwalner

Image source: Sherry

Got inspired? Happy day crocheting!

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